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Photo Trips


5-18 JULY

Tomas Tumalovicius


Hi, this is me, Tomas Tumalovicius.

I am into fun and creative photography, learning new angles and finding new points of view. I like to share. To impress. To push the limits.

I got busted by UAE police flying and taking pictures of forbidden desert spots. I got stuck in Madison Square Garden arena in the middle of the night and 911 officers rescued me. I was posing naked on the red carpet in Cannes.

I followed LeBron James for 2 weeks and got an illegal 1-on-1 interview with him in secret from the NBA, I took my photo students to an Indian wedding with 1000 guests in Mumbai, I shot tuns of celebrities in world-class events: from with a TV comedian Conan O'Brien, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to a Hollywood celeb David Schwimmer (Ross from FRIENDS!). Also what a blast it was to shoot the best Kazakhian businessman for the Forbes cover!

I have travelled to wildly many countries and then shared my passion for photography in TEDx, Login and other conferences with thousands of spectators.

I have organised more than 20 group adventures throughout the world: we visited Cuba, Morocco, Sicily, India, Georgia, Peru, Hawaii and plenty more countries. More than 200 adventurers have travelled along and now I want you to join me. And yup, I’ve tried many crazy adventurous things but what’s most important - I know your photo problems and will help you solve them in a few hours.

Come on! You and other crazy, outgoing, open-minded and empathic people, welcome to join me in the upcoming adventures!

Unleashed photo adventures with tomas tumalovicius