Read carefully as it may not be for you.

  1. We spread smiles, good mood, positive, curiosity, curiosity. Sometimes we are silent, angry, angry. Then we dance, climb, run, collapse and get up again.
  2. We value communication. Real listening and hearing. But not about the problems left at home, although everything is at the campfire. Definitely not stopping.
  3. We’re wrong. And we really want to be allowed to make mistakes.
  4. We don’t count churches. But we’ll definitely visit the most amazing ones.
  5. We’re trying to find unpaved paths, so we sometimes run off-road or turn off the main road.
  6. We’re for a new experience , not the ones we know by heart. We are looking for new scents, flavors, touches, sounds and beauty.
  7. Spontaneity is our middle name . That’s how we feel alive.
  8. Undeniably, there are a lot of exciting and creative trips, but there are standard conveyor travel agencies like North Korea. Only according to their plan and not otherwise. They are BAD. They deprive people of the right to think, to know themselves. It’s like a zoo. You are transported and guided by worn tracks. They turn off people’s brains and make travelers bags of potatoes in the trunk of buses.
  9. Travel is prohibited:
    SEL fans of behavior. You may like music. And we like a few songs.
    Homophobes. Adventurers can be gay or lesbian.
    For bullies at the pole.
    For those without a sense of humor.
    For whales and thickets.
  10. So as you understand, with the team we are madly caring about the fun atmosphere of the group and the interesting fellow passengers. We believe that often the key to success can be in this phrase: not where, but with who. Then no trials in the Mongolian attic, where the nearest gas station is 5 hours away, are terrible! Kisses and hugs.