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Read carefully. Saudi Arabia – Dakar Rally 2020. Our adventure expedition group that scrolled through Peru in Dakar 2019 made it to the official Dakar’s video clip!!! That’s wow!!! 🙂
The soul of both groups will be adventurer, Dakar’s photographer, expedition and trip guide Tomas Tamulovicius. The whole rally throughout Saudi Arabia is 9000km. We are forming two groups because most of you wouldn’t make it alive through such a long distance. Each group will travel around 4000-5000km. It’s pretty much the same distance we traveled through the whole Dakar in 2019.

  • Group 1, January 2-13th, 4400 eur + flight
  • Group 2, January 9-20th, 4400 eur + flight

If you aim to participate in the full length of 9000km through Saudi Arabia, then the cost is 7500 eur + flight. Keep in mind that every day you will have to wake up with the sun and travel between 400-700km.
Attention – I’m looking for strong and relaxed adventures who don’t stress, so you’ll have to pass my personal face control. Sorry, if you don’t fit. 


  • Support beloved Dakar rally teams and rally racers with a sea of cheering flags
  • Experience the Dakar’s adventures. Those can be tiring, spontaneous, unplanned, disappointing, joyful, exhausting and blessed. In a nutshell, it will be WOW!
  • Experience and feel the vibe, nature, and culture of the country and meet locals
  • Take photos or even videos. We provide a proper camera if don’t have one.
  • Have a good time and enjoy what this trip has to offer. You know what they say, sometimes to have fun you don’t have to have fun.


I’d like to briefly introduce the history of my adventurous trips, including the Dakar. Long story short, in 6 years I’ve organized over 20 photo and adventure trips to Cuba, Morocco, India, Sicily, Georgia, etc., but the last expedition to the Dakar was something out of this world. I believe the next one in 2020 will be even better due to experience and learned lessons. Also, as a photographer, I participated in the Dakar along with Lithuanian and Kazakh teams in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2018 and 2019 I decided to make one of my major dreams come true and organize my own 4×4 expedition. And we made it to official Dakar rally reviews!!! That was so inspiring for me as travel adventure organizer :).
It’s been over 20 group photo endeavors with more than 200 happy travelers. Together with our experienced team, we’ve managed to bring people to the most incredible places on earth with so much adrenaline and a smile on their faces. You won’t find it anywhere else! Most of the 2019 Peru Dakar participants bought tickets not knowing much where they were going to. Imagine, if such daredevils travel, you can do it too! It’s suitable for travelers who aren’t interested in photography. It’s going to be an expedition for those, who are fans of exotic countries and the Dakar. If you don’t have a camera, we got you covered. We will also teach how to use it.

You must be a friendly, positive and adventurous person. We don’t take chronic complainers and unhappy individuals. We will be enjoying all of the challenges that the Dakar throws at us. Because whatever trouble we get in, for us it will still be easier than the racers.
Don’t expect the group manager to be a servant. Together we will wash cars, push, assemble tents, look for wood and dig sand. You will be true participants of the Dakar, not sacks of potatoes.
And now I’ll try to dissuade you. You might often experience lack of sleep due to plenty of adventures or sleep in the car while riding. However, we’ll do our best to find that balance between endeavors and rest.
4 people will travel in one SUV/4×4. There will be 4 SUVs and 16 participants in total.  It will be an 11-day adventure: 7 days for the Dakar marathon and 4 days to arrive, get ready, visit the capital and rest before the flight back home. We will stay in tents for at least 5-6 nights in the Dakar camp so you can experience the enthusiastic vibe of it. We will stay in hostels and hotels for about 4-5 nights. It includes both primitive and 4-star places. However, if you care about hotels so much, then I suggest skipping the trip because such things shouldn’t be on the top of your priority list. This way I’m trying to find fun and adventurous personalities, not whiners.
Food is improvised. Before, we stopped at inns, cafes, hotels, superb restaurants and petrol stations. Sometimes we would cook ourselves. Again, if that’s very important to you, I suggest not going. However, we also treated ourselves with amazing food at restaurants on the beach or simply ate sliced melon in the truck in the desert.


You can travel to Saudi Arabia only with a particular event-tourist visa, which you will able to apply for in the autumn of 2019. In 2018 Saudi Arabia issued such tourist e-visas for a few events, such as Formula E. If by any chance you don’t get the visa and don’t go on the trip, we will refund full amount. Should you wish to discuss it in detail, please call me on +37069903354.


4400 eur + flight (not included)



  • Psychological help if you start missing your mum’s cutlets. However, we’ll try to find answers while meditating by the fireside 🙂
  • Internal flights if we decide to visit interesting places in the country
  • Lunch, dinner, and drinks throughout the trip. Water will be provided in our SUVs
  • Visas and tickets to visit landmarks
  • Travel insurance
  • International flights

If you’re going, drop a line at hello@unleashedphotoadventures.com or call us at +37069903354. I guarantee it will be an adventure of a lifetime! Let’s go conquer the Dakar with a smile!

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Hurry up to register, the groups are filling up fast! Your life will change for ever!

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We jump, we fall, we dance, we crawl and climb, we scream and sing – the camera gives freedom. I hear many questions: who else is going, will the trip really happen and many various what ifs… I can tell you one thing – this will definitely be one more crazy adventure for you (or maybe your first)! Everything will be not only just fine but it will be great! Why? – Because I am with You. And yes, there are always unexpected problematic situations but we turn them into photo adventures and solve in a fun way.

SO LET’S GO! Enough with excuses! I will make you do something you’ve never done before in your life! I guarantee great company for you as my previous trips experience proves me that only adventurous photo lovers are keen to come along!


In this training you will learn to shoot in different conditions and various photo genres: portrait photography, street photography, sunrises and sunsets, night shooting (Morocco has the perfect clear starry sky), action photography, you will work with reflectors and external lighting sources, we will feel the subtleness of shooting in the Sahara, chasing camel shadows in the dunes! And this is just a shortlist of all the photo challenges. This training will enable you to get better at technical part of shooting, manual settings, exposure control, understanding and adjusting to changing circumstances. We will devote lots of attention to composition, I will organize photo reviews and we will stay up all night staring at the big screen and reliving the days.


Take your camera, lenses and let’s go! If you do not own one, I can rent a professional or amateur Canon or Nikon for you. I can also consult if you decide to buy something even last minute!

Unleshed Photo workshops in Morocco
Photography workshops in Morocco



Creative, friendly, patient, tolerant, smiling open-minded personalities, who are capable of giving, not just taking. Your contribution is very important for the microclimate of the group. We take great care and believe that kindness always wins.


Homophobes, nationalists and fans of such behaviour. If you’re a grumpy person with a negative attitude, please do us a favour and do not travel with us.


We will stay in double rooms (separate beds) in really cool 3 or 4 star hotels. Breakfast and most most of the dinners are included, however, not lunches. But don’t worry as prices aren’t high. Sometimes we just get fruit for lunch in the local market and other times we have a luxurious yet inexpensive dinner in the shade of palm trees.

Swiming pool in Morocco photography tour



  • I group 2 – 13 January, 2020: 4400 Eur 
  • II group 9 – 20 January, 2020: 4400 Eur
  • whole Dakar rally 2 – 20 January, 2020: 7500 Eur


  • lifetime photo adventure, photo courses
  • cozy accommodation in hotels and tents
  • breakfast, water
  • transportation


  • flight fare
  • lunch, dinner
  • personal expenses

*This trip is organized in cooperation with one of the biggest business travel agencies in the world – BCD Travel.

It will be so unreal, more than words can say!

Please feel free to contact me via