Góðan dag!

Our Iceland Backstory

We have been going on adventures around the world since 2013, but somehow Iceland had missed our radar. She was seductive, but hadn’t caught our attention yet. Maybe because there had been a big wave a tourists attracted by cheap flights, as opposed to the natural landscape. The funny thing is, we first composed a draft for “Our Icelandic Adventure” back in 2015, inspired by the growing body of cinematography. We were putting shots together in our imagination – mountains, Northern Lights, volcanoes, ice and fog. The puzzle pieces for the trip never quite came together, but as we kept choosing warmer destinations, the image of Iceland remained in the back of our minds.

Now the image has ripened, and finally we feel ready. 

In fact, we’ve found another inspiring reason. At the “Adventur” travel exhibition, we had our own table, asked hundreds of visitors to vote for their dream destinations, and guaranteed that we would plan a trip to the winning countries. With 250 participants, the winners were – New Zealand (1st), Japan (2nd), and Iceland (3rd). So let’s start with third first!

The Plan

  • Explore mysterious Iceland with your eyes, feet, ears, hands and cameras.
  • We will embark on adventures to experience Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer in a single day.
  • We will experience the spirit and silence of Iceland’s smallest villages.
  • Every night will be spent under a roof – sometimes harder, sometimes softer beds, but no need for tents.
  • We will provide transportation throughout the tour – a large comfortable minibus is waiting for us.
  • We will have a Super Jeep tour through the Highlands.
  • We will hike through the canyons of Mars, with 5-7 kilometer trails.
  • We will swim in the free hot springs.
  • We will explore secret and remote locations.
  • We will swim in the warm springs in the caves.
  • Photography classes/advice for those who want it, and photo equipment upon need

The most important things are waiting for you: unique life experiences, a fun atmosphere, creativity, uninterrupted time, surprises, spontaneity, getting outside of your comfort zone. As they say in Iceland, what matters is who you’re with, not where you are.

We like to collect easygoing adventurers, who jump naked into the waterfalls, who love rolling in the black sand dunes, who thrill at the whale’s tail breaching the water, who will headbang (bald or not) to Icelandic metal with the local horses. Let’s leave our worries at home, throw on our road trip playlist, and journey across geysers, volcanoes, hot springs, dramatic landscapes, and land of the Vikings. The mood of our trips is unlike any other!


Once again: this adventure will only be pleasant for at least half-healthy travelers who have a sense of humor and aren’t worried about what others think of them (or at least you have to want to become one!)

Adventure dates and prices

Coming soon!  


Down payment

500 eur, then your place is reserved. Remaining payment no later than two weeks before the trip. Flight reservations will be made by our partners Baltic Clipper, or by you. We will try to buy our tickets as late as possible, so they’re not likely to be cancelled.


From 600 eur. Flight reservations will be made by our partners Baltic Clipper and we will try to make flight payments as late as possible, the reserves will just hang for a long time. If you succeed.

Important information

Unleashed Adventure trips begin and end only in a specific country.

We do not provide a departure service from Lithuania. Flights and other logistics are taken care of either by the adventurers themselves or by our verified partners.

Laura’s thoughts on Iceland. Raw, straight from the fb post 🙂

Iceland was an absolutely fantastic experience for me in every sense: the uniqueness of nature, of course, goes first, with a bonus to warm up for a few hours in a wild spa if you freeze :)) food is perhaps one of the most unique in Europe, Also whale meat and the colorful bird Puffin steak 🙂 can still be handled by a gently crushed sheep’s head and in a lighter version fish are unrealistic. Culturally, Iceland is unsurpassed in music and literature, especially in terms of its minority and isolation. I don’t know of another such culture with a 400k isolated population that would have both world renowned music performers and writers! There is an impression that everyone there is writing and creating music people are very resourceful and unrealistic interlocutors: both because it is a nation of writers and visit great storytellers – from stories on how glaciers attract careless tourists from time to time on the icebergs of the island north of the island of Greenland and their adventures 


We jump, we fall, we dance, we crawl and climb, we scream and sing – the camera gives freedom. I hear many questions: who else is going, will the trip really take place and many various what ifs… I can tell you one thing – this will definitely be one more crazy adventure for you (or maybe your first)! Everything will be not only just fine but it will be great! Why? – Because I am with You. And yes, there are always unexpected problematic situations but we turn them into photo adventures and solve in a fun way.

SO LET’S GO! Enough with excuses! I will make you do something you’ve never done before in your life! I guarantee great company for you as my previous trip experience proves me that only adventurous photo lovers are keen to come along!


In this training you will learn to shoot in different conditions and various photo genres: portrait photography, street photography, sunrises and sunsets, night shooting, action photography, you will work with reflectors and external lighting sources. And this is just a shortlist of all the photo challenges. This training will enable you to get better at technical part of shooting, manual settings, exposure control, understanding and adjusting to changing circumstances. We will devote lots of attention to composition, I will organize photo reviews and we will stay up all night staring at the big screen and reliving the days.


Take your camera, lenses and let’s go! If you do not own one, I can rent a professional or amateur Canon or Nikon for you. I can also consult if you decide to buy something even last minute!


  • Experience spring, fall, winter and summer in one day
  • Feel the spirit and silence of Iceland’s smallest villages
  • Overnight somewhere under the roof. Sometimes softer, sometimes harder beds. No tents required.
  • Transportation throughout the tour. Large comfortable minibus.
  • Daily Super Jeep Tour of the Highlands
  • Mars Canyons Wanderings
  • Multiple tracks 5-7 km
  • Swim at the free hot springs spa
  • Knowing and visiting secret, secluded places
  • Cave down in a warm spring
  • Unique life experiences, fun atmosphere, creativity, stubbornness, surprises, impromptu, crossing and growing your comfort zone.
  • As they say, what matters is not where, but with whom!
  • photography classes/advice for those who want it, and photo equipment upon need


  • breakfast, lunch and dinner,
  • puffin watching tours,
  • whale watching tours,
  • swimming to the glaciers,
  • ice cave tours,
  • additional helicopter tour (if desired),
  • insurance,
  • Covid tests etc.,
  • swimming in paid hot springs.

As they say, “Live your dreams, don’t dream your life” or in short, drive adventure!


Adventure Factory is open to openminded and easy going adventurers! We do not accept curlers and toddlers into the team. And if you accidentally get involved, which is extremely rare, you usually get out of your old clothes a few days later and ask him to take a picture naked. And if you are already particularly opposed to the banishment – let’s leave the road and so much knowledge, let’s transit to the airport. As you might think, this is also an adventure.

This, as you understand, is suitable for those who want to escape from civilization. Suitable for creative or crazy adventurous personalities! Suitable for both second and third parties. In a word, it’s suitable for those who just don’t want / are afraid to plan some risky adventure themselves, and regular agencies don’t offer anything more than a story about adventures and celebrities. Thus, just listen to others, experience your adventures!

Commit to an adventure.

P.S. Just a reminder that this will be the adventure of a lifetime!

See you !

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