The four hours that, many say, have opened their eyes wider. The workshop that, others point out, helped them begin viewing everything around in 3D. The training that might encourage you to grow from a random button presser to the one who’s keen on exploring photography like never before. If you have ever dreamed of a shot you could be proud of, you have to take this course!
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The four-hour workshop focuses on the result that would get more likes on your facebook ;). I will make you feel like a real photographer. As simple as that – we will produce good and even better pictures: portraits, cityscapes and etc. We will focus on the position of an object in the frame, the importance of the shooting angle, the observation of the horizon, the distance to an object, and the shooting direction. The course has been designed to answer one of the vital questions – what is a simple but good composition in photography?

The group of up to 20 people will discuss a number of key topics, including:
– main composition rules with the focus on disregarding them
– ensuring decent result through composition and light
– the importance of composition for the story your pictures are telling

We will select several objects and practice shooting them in various positions and from different angles.

We will try a number of composition techniques for portraits.
We will observe the play of shapes and lines in frames.
We will investigate whether a good emotion offsets a bad composition.
We will allow some time for creative shots.
We will share funny stories from our own photographic adventures.
We will analyse the pictures you’ll bring and discuss the issues you consider important.

This workshop has been primarily targeted at beginners and amateur photographers. Our past experience, however, shows that individual benefits are much greater if course is combined with our first workshop, ESSENCE NO. 1.







Book your spot by PayPal payment or via email hello@unleashedphotoadventures.com or on Facebook. My phone number +370 699 03354. See you soon, Tomas

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