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Mongolia: An incredible adventure awaits, during which we will jeep from the capital Ulan Bator to the great sands of the Gobi Desert in the south. From the gigantic statue of Genghis Khan to the waterfalls and monasteries in the national parks of central Mongolia. Together with the spirit of the Naadam festival, we will pull the caravan from the main festival stadium to the corners of the village. Everyone is celebrating, so will we, just all over Mongolia! 2019 was a very exciting adventure when visiting for the first time. Now we know a lot more, it will be even better! We have selected, sniffed, tasted, got acquainted – now we will show you :). But we immediately warn – there will be a lot of improvisation, because only in this way it is possible to get to know new places, to experience new experiences!

Adventure date and price:

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3800 € – 12 places

Down payment

500 eur, then your place is reserved. Remaining payment no later than two weeks before the trip. Flight reservations will be made by our partners Baltic Clipper, or by you. We will try to buy our tickets as late as possible, so they’re not likely to be cancelled.


From 900 eur. Flight reservations will be made by our partners Baltic Clipper and we will try to make flight payments as late as possible, the reserves will just hang for a long time. If you succeed.

Important information

Unleashed Adventure trips begin and end only in a specific country.

We do not provide a departure service from Lithuania. Flights and other logistics are taken care of either by the adventurers themselves or by our verified partners.


  • 12 days in Mongolia.
  • The largest subtropical Gobi Desert. It is very diverse: from orange dune sand, rocky regions to boundless steppes.
  • The Naadam Festival is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience has shown that it is not easy to find its venues in the outermost regions, but we will try;). Here is such a local, but all-round cultural event, in which the most important role is played by riders, horses, archers and wrestlers.
  • The capital is Ulan Bator. We will meet the most Mongols here. 1.3 million people live in the capital. population, i. half of the total population of the country.
  • Buddhist monasteries.
  • Hunting eagles.
  • Living in simple and luxurious yurts. Also in tents and, of course, hotels.
  • Kvapą gniaužiantys saulėlydžiai.
  • Two-humped camels. Something like our logo, only live :).
  • Nomadic food , not always local, sometimes our own, whether it will be wild, nomadic or Lithuanian, is already here according to the situation.
  • We will cross rivers, valleys and mountains by SUVs.
  • Let’s jump with wild horses. Well, not quite wild. If you asked a local, he would say, “Here’s mine. In all, I have a hundred horses. Only they’re all free.” And the question of why it is better not to ask him so many horses, because you will remain misunderstood. The Mongols don’t sell horses, they just keep them 🙂
  • Lots of freedom and uninterrupted adventures await, because Mongolia has not too many people, but more space than necessary for adventure, so let’s launch our camels and catch new experiences and impressions!


We jump, we fall, we dance, we crawl and climb, we scream and sing – the camera gives freedom. I hear many questions: who else is going, will the trip really take place and many various what ifs… I can tell you one thing – this will definitely be one more crazy adventure for you (or maybe your first)! Everything will be not only just fine but it will be great! Why? – Because I am with You. And yes, there are always unexpected problematic situations but we turn them into photo adventures and solve in a fun way.

SO LET’S GO! Enough with excuses! I will make you do something you’ve never done before in your life! I guarantee great company for you as my previous trip experience proves me that only adventurous photo lovers are keen to come along!


In this training you will learn to shoot in different conditions and various photo genres: portrait photography, street photography, sunrises and sunsets, night shooting, action photography, you will work with reflectors and external lighting sources. And this is just a shortlist of all the photo challenges. This training will enable you to get better at technical part of shooting, manual settings, exposure control, understanding and adjusting to changing circumstances. We will devote lots of attention to composition, I will organize photo reviews and we will stay up all night staring at the big screen and reliving the days.


Take your camera, lenses and let’s go! If you do not own one, I can rent a professional or amateur Canon or Nikon for you. I can also consult if you decide to buy something even last minute!


Unique life experiences, fun atmosphere, creativity, stubbornness, surprises, impromptu, crossing and growth of your comfort zone. Transport, accommodation.

Photography classes/advice for those who want it, and photo equipment upon need.


Flight, lunch and dinner, additional helicopter tours and other sophisticated fiction.

As they say, “Live your dreams, don’t dream your life” or in short: let’s have an adventure!



Adventure Factory is open to openminded and easy going adventurers! We do not accept curlers and toddlers into the team. And if you accidentally get involved, which is extremely rare, you usually get out of your old clothes a few days later and ask him to take a picture naked. And if you are already particularly opposed to the banishment – let’s leave the road and so much knowledge, let’s transit to the airport. As you might think, this is also an adventure.

This, as you understand, is suitable for those who want to escape from civilization. Suitable for creative or crazy adventurous personalities! Suitable for both second and third parties. In a word, it’s suitable for those who just don’t want / are afraid to plan some risky adventure themselves, and regular agencies don’t offer anything more than a story about adventures and celebrities. So, u ž have to listen to others, experience your own adventures!

Commit to an adventure.

P.S. Just a reminder that this will be the adventure of a lifetime!

See You!

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